Two new Rachel poems (transl.)

I have just finished translating another Rachel poem. Since there was one in waiting already, I now publish both here, starting from the one I finished most recently. without further ado:

Narrow my world (רק על עצמי)

One is the story of which I could tell
Narrow my world is, as that of an ant.
Heavy a burden I carried as well,
More than my shoulder could carry a weight.

Both of our ways, that so wind to the summit
Ways that are paved with such labour and pain,
Giants' indifferent, malicios hands
Turned all their miles to nought and to vain.

All of my paths were voided and teared,
Fear of unknowns has bouldered my course.
Why have you deigned to deceive, distant lights?
Why did you lie, foreign shores?

Spring (אביב)

Have I not truly bolted my shutter?
At my door-lock have I been amiss?
He sprung up in his designate hour,
and awoke all those feelings of bliss.

Redhead and scented and eager,
I have with you to do – none at all.
Will I know from your visage to shelter
All those feelings I stored in the fall?

Shall I rage, shall I angrily scald you?
Shall I drive you away from my gate?
Or perhaps, just this once, just this one time,
bring myself, just for now, to relent?